7 Reasons Why You Should Consider Group Coaching

Have you considered working with a coach to help you create more clarity and self-growth in your life, but found the cost to be prohibitive? For this, and several other reasons, group coaching may be the way for you to go. Here’s why:

  1. Group coaching is the most affordable. The Coach can spread out the cost of the program over multiple participants, therefore passing on a reduced rate in the individual cost. For example, some individual coaching rates may vary anywhere between $70 and $125 per session. In a group session that could be reduced to almost 50%!

  2. There is power in connecting with others. In a group setting you will have the opportunity to share with others that are going through similar challenges as you. This creates an authentic space of growth and development.

  3. Increased support - not only will you have the support of the Coach, but you will have a team by your side too, supporting you in your successes and helping during those roadblocks.

  4. Individual Support - typically you will still have access to your coach through email and other forms for individual support, plus opportunities to meet with them one-on-one.

  5. Creativity! Sometimes the simplest question can bring more ideas and possibilities than even a one-on-one engagement.

  6. Expanding your network - group coaching allows you to meet people out of your everyday circle of life. It’s an opportunity to make new contacts and gain new perspective from those outside your inner network.

  7. Ongoing inspiration and support - in a group people will typically stay connected in some way after the program has ended. Maybe they connect via social media, meet up for a monthly coffee or check in with a random text. Whatever it may be, there is a unique opportunity to continue the supportive energy created in a group coaching program.

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Danielle McCourt