Inner Critic

Fear can be our biggest roadblock in life. And what encourages fear? Our thoughts.

Our inner voice can be our strongest ally or worst enemy. It can push us to new heights, like finishing that marathon even though the body is exhausted and tired. Or it can hold us back, paralyzing us in fear of not being good enough for an upcoming job promotion or new venture.

That inner voice can be positive and loving, but a lot of times it can be negative and downright mean. That lower voice that’s living from fear is our inner critic. It has a way to pull us down and make us believe we aren’t good enough, or smart enough, or worthy. And the more we fall victim to it the more we start creating a life of self-destruction, impacting the way we live, how we socialize, how we feel and how we behave.

Through the practices of yoga, meditation and mindfulness we can connect to our true power and release the grip of fear. We can learn to respond to our thoughts instead of reacting to them. We can take pause to become more present and more aware of our thoughts. We can connect back to our center, to our wisdom.

Our inner critic can be loud and intrusive, but our true voice comes from that divine place within. We just have to open ourselves to feel it, hear it and live from it.

May we evolve well and thrive,


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Danielle McCourt