Mindful Practices for Anxiety

Anxiety is a natural reaction to stress. When we experience fear or apprehension to something we can feel anxious, nervous and fearful. How we handle anxiety also differs from person to person. You might feel your body getting really hot or your muscles tightening up. You might experience strong emotions like anger or sadness. You might even experience full on panic attacks.

I would like to offer you some mindful tips and tools when feeling anxious. But I also want to remind you that everyone reacts differently, so feel free to explore a few or all of these. And always know that if you feel your anxiety has elevated beyond your control that there are medical professionals out there that can offer alternative methods too.

Mindful Tips + Practices for Anxiety

  • Deep breathing with an elongated exhale - take a few moments to connect and focus on your breath. Breathe in to the body, and slowly breathe out. Try to find a soothing breath that is a little slower, with the exhale being a little longer than the inhale.

  • Take a Walk - sometimes just getting outside and changing your environment can help ease out tension. Allow yourself to focus on each step, each movement as you allow the mind to shift and settle. Also noticing your surroundings, the air on your skin, the warmth of the sun, and any critters playing in the trees.

  • Essential Oils - I love love love essential oils when it comes to my mood, emotions and anxiety. I choose one of the following oils and place a drop on my wrists, breathing in the aroma and rubbing them on my neck: Lavender, Peace, Cheer, Balance. Click here if interested in more oil goodness.

  • Counting Your Breath - Shift your awareness to a slow count to 3 with each breath in and out. And repeat for a minute to two, until you start to feel the body soften and the anxiety ease.

  • Yoga - Practicing yoga offers a physical and energetic release, allowing your body to relax and your emotions to feel more controlled. Try a class, or do a few yoga stretches in the office or at home. If you aren’t sure what to do just take a few forward folds, and big stretches back to standing.

  • Hot Shower - Enjoy a hot shower or bath - and to make it really nice put a couple drops of Peppermint essential oil on the shower floor and breathe in the cooling and centering aroma that flows around you.

  • Find Gratitude - take a pause and think of three things you are grateful for in that moment, shifting your focus to positive thoughts.

  • Mindful Meditation - a guided meditation can help relax you, shifting your energy so you can better handle your stress. I have a few short ones HERE and I offer some local classes too.

I truly hope some of these practices help you when feeling anxious.

Evolve Well,

Danielle McCourt