I believe everyone should feel good and live happy. And there is no one-size-fits-all solution.  I work with each person to create a custom and unique program that aligns with their intentions. I hold a safe space, free of judgement, so we can explore what’s important to you in creating a healthy and happy lifestyle. I’ll help guide you and provide you with valuable tools and resources. Whether you want to lose weight, find more clarity, ignite your passions, manage stress, or a little of everything, this custom coaching experience will set a strong foundation to help get you to that happy place where you can thrive.

You have many options for coaching, including single sessions, weekly sessions, monthly sessions and so on. Each coaching partnership is determined by the needs of the client. Read on to learn more about my coaching services and contact me below. 



  • You want to connect to your joy and ignite your passion
  • You want to be confident and happy
  • You want to feel better, stress less and have more energy
  • You feel too busy to eat healthy, make time for exercise or find time for yourself
  • You feel stuck, foggy, or just lost and need clarity
  • You want to overcome self-doubt and be empowered
  • You want to feel good about yourself, your body, and your life
  • You seem to make all the right choices but find yourself still struggling with weight
  • You want to connect with your intentions and accomplish your goals
  • You feel overwhelmed and no idea where to start or how to start in creating a healthy lifestyle
  • You want to break old patterns and bad habits
  • You want support and accountability
  • You want to be at your “happy weight”
  • You want to create balance in all areas of your life - mind/body/soul/relationships/career
  • Feeling healthier sounds great but you’re busy, stressed, sleep-deprived and concerned about adding one more thing on your very full plate
  • You want to cultivate more joy and compassion in your life
  • You’d like to be healthy but it just seems too expensive and like too much work
  • You want to learn how to make healthier lifestyle changes that are easy and sustainable
  • You want to feel more clear and connected so you can feel good and thrive



Custom Coaching Sessions and Programs available in-person, on the phone or over video (Skype, FaceTime, etc).

  • Guided goal setting, action accountability and support
  • Full health and lifestyle assessment
  • Unlimited text and email support in between sessions (because questions come up and sometimes you just need a little pep talk to keep you on course)
  • Resources for simple and easy lifestyle hacks
  • Custom exercise plans
  • Intention setting practices and tools
  • Stress relieving practices
  • Daily self-care plans
  • Consulting on cooking, recipes, and food
  • Custom meditation & yoga practices
  • Cleansing practices and support
  • Simple tools for the busy person who seems to have no extra time in their day
  • Access to private webpage with additional resources
  • Individualized recommendations to help you Evolve Well and Thrive


  1. First, we start with a complimentary 30-45 minute consultation. We’ll walk through your goals and what you are hoping to achieve by working with me. We’ll also take a brief health and lifestyle assessment, such as your daily schedule, your stressors, time management, current fitness level, self-care practices, what you’re eating and drinking on a daily basis, how you’re sleeping, and more. From there, I can determine how to best serve you and help you get the results you want.
  2. I’ll follow up with a proposal of recommendations and options for you to choose from. You pick what will work best for your lifestyle and we set up a schedule and investment plan.
  3. Our first sessions together will be centered on education and fundamental wellness truths that will help you create meaningful change for yourself. This will be customized based on your lifestyle. We’ll also go deeper into your intentions, creating a plan for success with actionable and attainable goals.
  4. Our next few sessions will focus on tools and resources to help you achieve your goals and keep you connected to your intention. We’ll uncover the core-limiting beliefs leading you into painful patterns and find ways to break through the barriers you’re facing. I will help keep you accountable and focused, offering a safe space to explore obstacles, work through frustrations and become more clear and centered, so you can become your happiest self.
  5. You’ll have unlimited support and a dedicated accountability partner to keep you on your path, and bring you back into alignment when you wander off (because this is real life). Need some motivation to workout, looking for an easy and healthy potluck idea for a picnic, panicking because you binged on wine or chocolate? Text or email me. No question is too big or too small to answer. Consider me your go-to partner, friend and support system on this journey.
  6. The latter part of the program will focus on continued support, healing and creating lasting and sustainable success so you can thrive. There will be times that we’ll go deep, which can be a bit scary, but also so necessary in your journey of creating radical change in your life. This is not a short-term fix: this is regaining control of your health and happiness.
  7. At the end of our time together you will have already achieved some amazing things. You’ll be more clear and connected to what makes you happy, you’ll have celebrated your successes, you’ll have learned from your obstacles, and you’ll have the foundation to continue on your path to Evolve Well and Thrive.


  • You are looking for a quick fix or one size fits all approach
  • You’re not ready to shift lifestyle habits
  • You’re only doing it because someone else thinks you should
  • You just want someone else to tell you what to do
  • You’re not ready to dig deep and do the work



Coaching is a two-way relationship. I'm not here to tell you what you need to do - I'm here to collaborate with you on a wellness plan that is custom to your journey. I want to meet every new client first to see if this is something that will be beneficial for both us.

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