MEDITATION: Compassion for Others

This podcast is about cultivating compassion toward others. I was inspired to share this meditation based on some recent events. My husband had a freak accident while riding his bicycle. His tire got caught and he was thrusted off his bike, landing face first onto the pavement. He suffered multiple broken bones in his face, and other minor trauma to the body, and was in the hospital for two nights. We received so much love and support from friends, family, co-workers, neighbors, nurses and strangers. The compassionate energy uplifted Michael’s spirit and has been beneficial in his healing.

However, as I was in the hospital with Michael I noticed there was a lack of compassion around me. Some of the other patients and visitors were extremely rude and demanding to the nurses, yelling at them and showing very little compassion for their efforts. There were also a couple nurses who were lacking simple compassion to their patients. They would walk up behind a patient that was sitting in a wheelchair and start pushing them without any greeting to warn them that they were there. The patient, who was clearly sick and in pain, was startled and jolted by this surprise force behind them. Then in a cold tone the nurse would speak.

Michael, through his pain and discomfort, made an effort to thank every nurse that came in to check on him and tell them how much he appreciated them. A small token of compassion, but one that made each nurse smile, even if it was just for a moment.

So, I wanted to share a meditation to inspire others to tap into their heart, their compassion towards others. Sometimes we don’t even realize we are lacking in compassion, until we take a step back and be more present, be more aware.

The beginning of this podcast is a short introduction recapping my inspiration and recent experience. If you would like to jump straight to the meditation it starts at 00:03:38.

Thank you for allowing me to be part of your journey.

With gratitude,

Danielle McCourt


Danielle McCourt