MEDITATION: Energetic Recharge

Join me for a guided meditation to help you reconnect with your senses, awaken your creativity and energize your being.

This meditation is less than 10 minutes long. I’ll guide you to connect to the breath, creating a foundation to help you become more present. Through the breath you will start to notice your energy shift. If you felt anxious or stressed you might start to feel more at ease. If you felt low or tired you may notice a boost in your energy.

I will then guide you through a visualization, to connect you even deeper to the self and your energy. This visualization is a tool to help you detach from thoughts, distractions and outside sensations. When the mind wanders come back to my voice, the visualization or the gentle sounds of the music.

I am deeply grateful for your presence and for allowing me to be part of your practice. Please share your comments, experiences or any other topics you would like me to explore.

Have a beautiful and energized day!



Danielle McCourt