Yoga & Meditation Class Schedule:


7:15 - 8:00pm | Meditation: Pause @ Intent Space

NOTE: There will be a sub for February 18th and 25th.


*11:00am - 12:00pm | Yoga Flow @ The Vinoy Renaissance Hotel

6:00 - 7:15pm | Power Yoga @ YogaBlu

7:30 - 8:45pm | Gentle Yoga @ YogaBlu

NOTE: I will have subs for these classes for the remainder of February 2019


Starting January 11, 2019 6:00 - 6:45pm | Stretch + Restore Yoga @ Intent Space

NOTE: I will have a sub for this class for February 15th and 22nd


*10:00 - 11:00am | Power Yoga @ The Vinoy Renaissance Hotel

NOTE: I will have a sub for this class for the remainder of February.

NOTE: *Membership or hotel guest required to attend classes at the Vinoy Renaissance - not open to the public. 

Events + Programs

Self-Care: Yoga + Meditation

March 9th ~ 10-11:15am

Location: Intent Space

Exchange $15

This will be a gentle and restorative style of yoga, open to all levels, followed by a guided meditation. The theme of self-care will be shared throughout the practice, with yoga postures focused on restoring the physical and energetic bodies. The guided meditation will be a sweet ending to the practice offering a space to truly release and relax.

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