Tania W.

“I have worked with Danielle both on a professional level as well attending her yoga and meditation classes. Danielle has a beautiful way of guiding a class that immediately puts you at ease. Whether you are new to yoga and meditation or a seasoned practitioner, Danielle's gentle and knowledgeable approach will allow you to feel comfortable no matter your experience level.

Her offerings are uplifting to the soul, and restorative to the body. From the soothing tone of her voice, to the way she thoughtfully designs and leads classes with confidence and meaningful intention, you will leave feeling a positive shift on multiple levels.”

Jessica Juliano.jpg

Jessica J.

“Danielle led the first in-person group meditation class I ever attended, and afterward I thought, "Why did I wait so long??" I've returned many times since and can say that her style is appropriate for people of all levels - whether you're a beginner or have been practicing meditation for years. She always makes me feel comfortable and at ease. Her voice is very soothing and her presence warm and welcoming. I've learned many different techniques and styles from her including breathing techniques, sound bowl meditation, and incorporating mantras. I always leave her class feeling so deeply at peace and reconnected with myself. I also love that she has a meditation podcast so I can listen from wherever, which has come in handy many times. If you are thinking of taking a class, just go!!! St Pete is lucky to have her and her beautiful gifts as an instructor and coach.”


Yeni F.

“Danielle is one of my favorite yoga instructors! For starters, her voice is extremely soothing and makes you already feel relaxed since before class starts. She usually always brings some type of aromatherapy which is my absolute favorite. Her classes have a great flow and amazing transitions. Her meditations lead you to beautiful places. She’s an all around amazing yogi and i definitely recommend you take a class with her!”


Jane H.

“Danielle took me on as a private client after I’d had surgery and been inactive for weeks. I asked her to help me regain my strength, balance and physicality but I also needed to calm my mind and regain a sense of composure. After four or five sessions during which Danielle instructed me in yoga as well as strength exercises, I was feeling more like my old self and ready to get back to tennis, my true passion. Still, I wanted to continue with Danielle, so I assembled a small group of women and we now have a weekly group yoga practice with her. She never judges, always encourages and always allows us to be our best selves. I can’t recommend her highly enough.”

Natalie Garcia.jpg

Natalie W.

"I am one of those people whose mind is constantly racing, and living in the present seems an impossible feat. That is, until my meditation session with Danielle. She managed to somehow give my brain a break and I came out of the session feeling completely rejuvenated. The space is incredibly warm and inviting and Danielle is a true professional. I will definitely be back to spoil myself with some much needed personal attention. Thanks Danielle!"

Stephanie S.

"I was going through some life events last year that were out of my control and cluttering my mind. After a few sessions with Danielle, she had given me the tools I needed to cope and thrive regardless of what the outcome would be. Danielle is passionate about life coaching and her other offerings. She is very skilled at helping you feel better. I highly recommend Evolve Well with Danielle!"

 Cindy K.

"I was diagnosed with osteoporosis so started to see Danielle. She is helping me to customize my practice to work on my health issue. Her depth of experience and clarity with which she explains the poses gives me motivation and confidence. I originally was only planning to have a couple private lessons but I have so enjoyed our private sessions that I plan on continuing with them."

Judith F.

"I would be privileged to have this opportunity to share thoughts about Danielle. I first met Danielle when she was teaching at a different studio. I often took her classes. I have practiced yoga for about 30 years. I found Danielle to be skilled, authentic, and a wonderful guide. Our paths crossed a bit later on at another space to practice. I found Danielle to be even more evolved in her practice, very tuned in to the individuals in class, and open to new ideas. She is a true professional, committed to her calling. Practicing with Danielle is a gift that benefits mind, body and spirit."

Patricia W.

"I’ve always wanted to learn how to do yoga but have always been intimidated by classes where everyone knows Downward dog etc and I have to clear what I’m doing. I did private classes with Danielle where she helped me learn the positions that were right for my body. I loved and valued the spiritual side of her training and grew comfortable with the positions. I also regained flexibility that I had lost. Thanks so much!"

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